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What are Light and Full Assessments?

Stock Assessments - On The Box

When listing stock On The Box, there are two types of assessments which can be completed by the selling agent or assessor.

Light Assessments:

A light assessment contains the essential information pertaining to the stock to be listed On The Box. These are designed to provide buyers with the key information and basics regarding the listing. Light assessments are for all unjoined and unregistered stock, e.g., Merino wethers, lambs, weaner steers and heifers, etc.

Full Assessment:

A full assessment provides further layers of detail regarding the stock to be listed On The Box. As well as providing the essential information, full assessments include details pertaining joining periods, pregnancy status, progeny, registered sire and dam information, and additional fields which can be used at the discretion of the selling agent.

Full assessments must be used for any stock which have been Pregnancy Scanned (scanned empty, station mated and PTIC/SIL). Full assessments must also be used for stock with progeny or stock which are registered or joined/bred by registered stock. Some examples include: PTIC Cows and Calves, Scanned Empty Merino ewes, Station mated Angus heifers, PTIC Angus cows joined to registered Angus Bulls.

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