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David Grant Livestock Agency

David Grant Livestock Agency was established in August 2012 as a privately owned livestock and property agency, we are committed and pride ourselves with promise to the industry, our clients and surrounding communities. Our assorted information and experience guarantee our clients can market their livestock and property for the best outcome possible and has the point of giving a variety of services for our clients, from Livestock sales, property sales, clearing sales, contract labour, tag sales. DG Livestock Agency was based on solid foundations of trust, experience, honesty and service to the rural industry.

DG specialise in providing a range of livestock and property marketing services from admittance to an assortment of sale yards, online auctions and paddock sales. We have a diverse range of experience and long history in the industry. We ensure you market your livestock through the correct channels to accomplish the best results.

We can show you the choices accessible and stay up with the latest information and updates.

Our vision is to work as a team and always striving to obtain the best result possible for our clients.
2357 Coonabarabran NSW, Australia
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