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51 Brahman & Brahman Cross Steers

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  • Lot #: 168
Lot Number
32 Brahman
9 Droughtmaster Cross
6 Brahman Cross
4 Brangus Cross
No# 3 - 8 to 18 Months
Weight At Assessment
Avg: 266kg
Range: 174-350kg
Number of Head
Nearest Delivery Town
Hughenden, QLD
Tick Information
Cattle will be cleared by the vendor if required prior to delivery
Auction Start Date
Jan 22, 2024
Auction Ends
Wed 24 Jan 2024, 8 PM
51 Brahman & Brahman Cross Steers. A tidy line of very good quality steers ready to go ahead. They present in store to forward store condition and are going ahead on a rising plane of nutrition. These steers show good weight for age, good bone & even musceling & have the quality & frame to grow out to feeders for local or export markets. At assessment they weighed 174kg to 350kg & averaged 266kg after 4hrs off feed. Steers will be cleared if reqired by the vendor prior to delivery & pay all associated costs. These cattle are on the same property as a larger mob also listed On The Box to fill the trucks.

Cody Rogers
Phone Number
0488 418 807
Number of Head Assessed
Cattle Horn Status
36 Polled, 12 Dehorned & 3 Scurr
Bred out of a Brahman & Brahman Cross herd by Brahman, Droughtmaster & Brangus Bulls
LPA, Russian & Saudi Eligible
Are the cattle free from HGP?
Assessment Date
Jan 20, 2024
Time off feed at assessment
4 hours
Earliest Delivery
25th January 2024
Latest Delivery
28th January 2024
Trucking Access
Road Train access with 4km of black soil so delivery is weather dependent.
Delivery Points
Coolibah Station, Hughenden QLD 4821
Agency Terms & Conditions
Kennedy Rural trading terms apply. Payment due 10 days after the date of delivery
PIC Number
Vendor Name
SJB Grazing
Vendor Address
Coolibah Station, Hughenden QLD 4821
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Written by

Kennedy Rural

Matthew Kennedy: Livestock & Rural Property Agent
A: Georgetown, Queensland, 4871
M: 0488 418 788
F: 07 4422 0618

Rodney Kennedy: Livestock & Rural Property Agent
A: Cardwell, Queensland, 4849
M: 0488 418 577
F: 07 4422 0015

Cody Rogers : Livestock & Rural Property Agent and Auctioneer
A: Hughenden, Queensland, 4821
M: 0488 418 807
F: 07 4422 0604
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